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Anytime Services delivers security manpower services in the Sydney NSW basin and has a footprint in Wollongong and on the Central Coast, providing services for corporate real estate, public festivals and events, shopping centre retail, industrial access control and construction sites. Anytime Services also offers an independent consultation service, providing qualified security risk assessments and risk mitigation advice.


Anytime Services is a boutique service provider, with a strong focus on key customer outcomes for each and every client. Our clients have around the clock contact access to our management team and our transparency and honesty is backed by unrivalled industry experience. 


Corporate Real Estate 

Anytime Services understand the importance of not only the physical security of a client’s premises and staff safety, as well as the brand and public relations risk associated with protecting Intellectual Property & sensitive material. Anytime Services will work with our clients to identify appropriate officers that align with your company profile and values. We specifically site train our officers to fill the corporate real estate gaps in safety, concierge and front of house customer service supporting our client’s business function. Understanding the importance of business continuity, we will work proactively to mitigate risk and be the trusted business partner for proactive safety reporting and staff welfare. Our concierge services will provide peace of mind knowing that the first point of contact for visitors and staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and upholds our client’s brand impression at all times. 

Services include:

  • Staff and stakeholder safety
  • Responding to security related incidents
  • Providing first aid
  • Building access ingress & egress control
  • Key control and auditing
  • Premises patrolling and hazard identification
  • Front of house concierge


Industrial and Construction

Anytime Services understand that the security requirements for industrial and construction sites vary depending on geographic location and the project nature of the site. The tendency for such locations to be isolated and unstaffed outside of business hours increases risk of unlawful entry, theft and vandalism. We work closely with our clients to understand the risk profile, identify mitigating solutions, then implement strategies such as site monitoring, foot and traffic access control, local surveillance and crime deterrent prevention services for your business. Whether it be trades tools or pre-installed industrial infrastructure, you can rest easy knowing that our team is protecting your assets.

Services include:

  • Authorised site access control 
  • Recording of ingress & egress foot and vehicle traffic
  • First aid response
  • Conducting perimeter and internal foot or vehicle patrols
  • Responding to alarms 
  • Hazard identification and reporting


Retail and Loss Prevention

Supporting small business right through to large National retail chains, Anytime Services understand the need to balance both discretion and visual presence within the retail space. We prioritise the key elements of threat deterrence, loss prevention, premises protection and of paramount importance, staff and customer safety. Our professional uniformed and covert security personnel provide maximum deterrent for any potential criminal activity. Our competitive rates allow even the smallest of retailers to make all customers and staff feel safe and secure. Further support strategies can include incorporation of current roles with the potential to combine positions to remain cost neutral.


Events and Crowd Control

From coordinating staff, performers and vendors, event management is extremely difficult, in addition to the added pressure of ensuring the overall safety and security of the event. Anytime Services boasts the experience and resources to have venue security managed by a professional team.  Staff and Event attendee’s physical safety is our priority. Whether you are hosting a private party, work office function or an event at Sydney’s largest stadium, we can give you confidence in the security partnership and response plan for your risk profile. 

Services include: 

  • Crowd and vehicle movement control
  • Entry and exit control
  • VIP entry and privacy
  • First aid
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) 


Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are a cost-effective alternative to having static security  deployed on site. Random patrols are effective at minimising security risks at your commercial or residential premises by providing a visual pattern of attendance without the ability for unwelcome persons to study visit patterns or frequency. Mobile patrols help prevent theft, break and enter, graffiti, vandalism, noise complaints and other unwanted activity. Mobile patrols provide a first line response to mitigating unwelcome activity and initial investigation of incidents on site to then liaise with  clients and Police when necessary. 

Services include:

  • Premise lock up / unlock
  • Random vehicle and foot patrols
  • Staff welfare checks
  • Alarm response
  • Visual deterrence
  • Secure asset checks 
  • Peace of mind 


Risk Assessment and Mitigation Advice

Anytime Services have qualified Security Risk Assessors who are licensed to provide consultation advice on all security related matters, including site premise risk assessment and mitigation advice. We offer this service at no cost to new static and mobile patrol clients, but also as an independent vulnerability assessment for your business needs. We take the time to evaluate each potential security risk, likelihood and possible consequence to provide experienced knowledge on mitigating process’s including physical or technology based solutions. We will always work towards the most cost effective solution for our client and all advice is obligation free and unbiased by any particular product or affiliation.