About Us

With over 26 years experience in security operations and risk mitigation, Anytime Services prides itself on providing our clients with unsurpassed value partnerships. We understand the individuality of each client varies greatly and take the time to analyse and understand our client’s needs. We  then invest a great deal of time in our recruitment and vetting process to ensure our staff deployments are of the highest caliber and matched perfectly with the scope of works and risk profile.


At the core of our foundations is the realisation that the Australian security industry overwhelmingly has a blanket approach to the services offered and our competitors strive for billable growth over meaningful, outcome driven stakeholder engagement at the cost of value for money. Our point of difference is the ability to provide absolute quality of client specific service, whilst also remaining price market competitive; a 24/7 peace of mind built on a unique service offering.


With transparency and open dialogue, our clients can rest assured that they are being updated on industry changes and new technology that has potential to improve service delivery or reduce the cost impact of the scope of works. 


Built on the core value and company commitment, we aim to be the best moral and ethical business partner for our clients, rather than the largest provider. 



David Thomas General Manager

David has over 16 years’ experience in the security industry, with over a decade committed to senior strategic and operations management in global businesses. David is passionate about ensuring Anytime Services is an ethical and moral leader in the industry and strives for best practice across all elements of the business. David boasts a combination of leadership, strategic planning, critical thinking, problem solving and business development skills that are applied in high risk operational environments. David recognises the importance of understanding individual client needs and ensuring the best possible service can be delivered to support their business. David has demonstrated proficiency in core security and risk management portfolio functions, training program development, operations planning, risk analysis and complex internal and external investigations. David maintains a strong focus on strategic management, contract management and financial processes, priding himself on building effective client relationships and ensuring contractual obligations are achieved and maintained.

Sal Kaler Operations Manager

Sal has extensive experience across senior operations roles spanning over 10 years, covering an array of market segments. Sal is driven, loyal and has an unrivalled dedication to delivering the best possible customer experience through collaborative stakeholder engagement. He has high regard for personal service and shares David’s commitment to upholding high moral and ethical standards within the security industry. Sal is highly proficient within operations and has proven capability to manage large teams across a number of security environments. Sal recognises that Anytime Services employees are crucial to delivering high performing services to clients and their customers, so his key strength is applying style flex techniques to build relationships and grow each individual that represents the valued brand. He understands the importance of motivating and engaging employees, continually striving to create a positive and supportive culture for staff. Sal’s has the knowledge and experience to establish and implement effective procedures and policies to support the business, its clients and its employees. His experience spans operations planning and contract management, with a strong focus on contract transitions to ensure a seamless process for each client.