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 Welcome to Anytime Services


Anytime Services is built on the core value and company commitment of not wanting to be the biggest service provider in the market, but being the best niche moral and ethical business partner for our clients.


Anytime Services delivers security manpower services in the Sydney NSW basin and has a footprint in Wollongong and on the Central Coast, providing services for corporate real estate, public festivals and events, shopping centre retail, industrial access control and construction sites.


Anytime Services also offers an independent consultation service, providing qualified security risk assessments and risk mitigation advice. This service is offered as a chargeable unbiased advice delivery, or free of charge with all new client service engagements.



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Corporate Real Estate

Physical security of premises and staff, but also Brand & PR partners tailored to client style.

Retail and Loss Prevention

Loss prevention, risk deterrence and staff and customer safety

Industrial and Construction

Theft avoidance, vandalism deterrence and site asset safety

Events and Crowd Control

Security threats proactively identified, prevented, controlled and managed

Security Risk Assessment

Site vulnerability assessments tailored to client risk profile

Mitigation Advice

Security threat mitigation advice and outcome partnership

Our Core Services

Corporate Real Estate

Concierge, loading dock, internal and external security, hazard identification and response with a professional customer service approach.

Retail and Loss Prevention

Loss prevention, covert and uniformed theft deterrence and customer service greeting. Looking after your staff and customer welfare.

Industrial and Construction

Vehicle and pedestrian access control, hazard identification and reporting, first aid and security response.

Events and Crowd Control

Ingress and egress control, VIP privacy, Responsible Service of Alcohol, crowd control and first aid response.

Mobile Patrols

Staff welfare, lock/unlock, alarm response, visual vehicle and foot patrol intruder deterrence.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Security vulnerability assessment, risk, likelihood and consequence matrix, risk mitigation advice and solutions.

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Question & Answer

Do I need security?

All businesses to some degree need a security plan or asset protection process. You may require a minimal technology based solution for a new premises or business activity. You may want your current security plans and activities reevaluated to reflect a change in scope or reduce cost.

How do I evaluate and understand my business and asset Security vulnerability?

A security risk assessment can provide expert identification of risks and likelihood of occurrences. Once a risk is identified, mitigating advice can reduce the associated cost and consequences of your current process or hazard.

Can I hire temporary Security Guards for an Event or short term requirement?

Yes, a minimum four (4) hour charge is industry standard. Please consult with a qualified risk professional to understand your risk profile prior to engaging a security manpower provider. Your individual requirements may change based on a number of influencing factors.